I am strong.
I lie.
I need no one.
I cry.
I own my destiny.
But why?
I am self-sufficient.
But will die.

Who can tell me what to be?
I am free.
Who can tell me what to do?
I am true.

Such is the man who to no god is bowed.
His own god he is, alone, and proud.

Have you ever dreamed of being free?
From all the things you do not want to be.
Have you ever locked yourself inside?
To find that in yourself you cannot hide.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever loved and lost the fight?
For the one for whom you’d give your life.
Have you ever been afraid to die?
Feeling like you’ve wasted all your time.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever felt alone amongst a crowd?
While your loneliness screams out loud.
Have you ever felt a crushing guilt?
And wondered if you’d ever feel rebuilt.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever felt anxiety and shame?
And do not even know from where it came.
Have you ever felt like the only one?
Who struggles and perpetually feels undone.
I have felt the same.

If you feel broken, and do not know what to do,
Rest assured, I have felt the same as you.

Life is never what you expect, nor especially what you plan.
You can end up in places in which you never began.
Such has been my life, over this past year,
In a new place, with new friends, and in a new career.
The change I did not foresee, nor ever would I have guessed,
Yet the change, out of all possible things, is perhaps the best.
This is a good reminder of my finite perspective,
My best thoughts, on my best day, are at best defective.
And so I am learning that I am not my best guide,
There is another, greater and wiser, in whom I must abide.