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December 11, 2016 | By | 6 Comments

Late, at night, conversations just ended. 

Alone, tired, time appears suspended. 

Browsing, on my phone, desiring more connection. 

Now, I feel it, all I want, is affection. 


December 10, 2016 | By | 5 Comments

So I have given some thought lately to sadness that can come from nowhere. Perhaps you know the feeling – life is going just fine, and all the sudden, with no apparent cause, you find yourself unhappy.

I tried to put some of my thoughts in a poem, which you can find below. It’s not a great poem, and it’s not finished, but I have found that if I wait to do something until it is perfect, or as good as it could be, or even as good as I want it to be – well – I wouldn’t get much done.

So here’s to some incomplete thoughts, in an incomplete poem, and my own contentment with it as it is ,and not as it could be:

​Have you ever felt sad, but didn’t know why?
Everything seems fine, except the melancholy underlying.
It is strange, this palpable dissonance,
Between a good fortune and discontentment.
Stranger still is our impotence,
To change our feelings despite our purest intendment.
What answer can I give to a heart so affected?
Perhaps, even in comfort, a heart’s deepest longings are neglected.

At the Beach

August 20, 2016 | By | 3 Comments

As I sit here, without a want, a care, no pressure
I feel peace, contentment, and lesser
Responsibility than I have felt since I was a child,
When happiness was real, and the world was still wild.
But my heart was tamed, by myths and deadlines,
My loves were misguided, and my mind intertwined,
By a barrage of untamable thoughts,
False assumptions, rules and oughts.
They choked out my life, that pure  and innocent child,
Who lost himself, and what it meant to be wild.

Free me, O God, to freely your image bear.
That my life would be filled with love, and that to live I might dare.

The Man with No God

April 24, 2014 | By | 6 Comments

I am strong.
I lie.
I need no one.
I cry.
I own my destiny.
But why?
I am self-sufficient.
But will die.

Who can tell me what to be?
I am free.
Who can tell me what to do?
I am true.

Such is the man who to no god is bowed.
His own god he is, alone, and proud.

Have You Ever?

April 18, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Have you ever dreamed of being free?
From all the things you do not want to be.
Have you ever locked yourself inside?
To find that in yourself you cannot hide.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever loved and lost the fight?
For the one for whom you’d give your life.
Have you ever been afraid to die?
Feeling like you’ve wasted all your time.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever felt alone amongst a crowd?
While your loneliness screams out loud.
Have you ever felt a crushing guilt?
And wondered if you’d ever feel rebuilt.
I have felt the same.
Have you ever felt anxiety and shame?
And do not even know from where it came.
Have you ever felt like the only one?
Who struggles and perpetually feels undone.
I have felt the same.

If you feel broken, and do not know what to do,
Rest assured, I have felt the same as you.