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So I have given some thought lately to sadness that can come from nowhere. Perhaps you know the feeling – life is going just fine, and all the sudden, with no apparent cause, you find yourself unhappy.

I tried to put some of my thoughts in a poem, which you can find below. It’s not a great poem, and it’s not finished, but I have found that if I wait to do something until it is perfect, or as good as it could be, or even as good as I want it to be – well – I wouldn’t get much done.

So here’s to some incomplete thoughts, in an incomplete poem, and my own contentment with it as it is ,and not as it could be:

​Have you ever felt sad, but didn’t know why?
Everything seems fine, except the melancholy underlying.
It is strange, this palpable dissonance,
Between a good fortune and discontentment.
Stranger still is our impotence,
To change our feelings despite our purest intendment.
What answer can I give to a heart so affected?
Perhaps, even in comfort, a heart’s deepest longings are neglected.

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  1. Tina McGregor says:

    Good start.It is raw and honest. Love it.

  2. hk says:

    ‘even in comfort.. neglected.’
    Funny how this is always something I couldn’t put into WORDS!

    I always assumed that physical/monetary comfort was the only necessity – but its aching always the dull, s a d ness . .

    takecare.. !

    • mg says:

      Spoke the purest words of this poem at the end when you spoke about what your thoughts and heart ♥ felt should add this fantastic poem so far

      • mg says:

        What you assumed that physical and monetary comfort was the only necessity but its aching always the dull sadness what grabbed me 😊

  3. Eliza says:

    Oh I love how you are able to transformm words into feelings and images inside my head.

    Thank you. Never let sadness rule, kick it out with some action!


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