Some Things I Have Been Learning…

October 3, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Adrenaline is a friend in times of stress.
Too much adrenaline exhausts with duress.
Anxiety is a friend that warns when life goes awry.
Persistent anxiety is a weary body’s desperate, persistent cry.

Rest is a necessity I am learning to embrace,
Life is neither a sprint nor a never-ending race.

Life is not always simple, and things are not always what they seem,
And true love is limited not by any pain or extreme.

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  1. Javy says:

    I appreciate your blog and sharing Soren quotes. My relationship with Christ has been an ever evolving one. As I’ve study philosophy and science I have come to see that God alone is the one who makes sense of our entire experience. Reading your vulnerability and thoughts has encouraged me deeply.

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