The Man with No God

April 24, 2014 | By | 6 Comments

I am strong.
I lie.
I need no one.
I cry.
I own my destiny.
But why?
I am self-sufficient.
But will die.

Who can tell me what to be?
I am free.
Who can tell me what to do?
I am true.

Such is the man who to no god is bowed.
His own god he is, alone, and proud.

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  1. JessicaVard says:

    I feel this poem in my soul. Thank you for putting it up on here.

  2. Paula says:

    I love this. Thank you.
    Absolutely inspired, succinct and very powerful.
    Take note folks : this poem is the best advice you might receive this lifetime.
    Surrendering to a higher source is possibly the most difficult challenge of our life, but the only way.
    We spend half a life building an ego and the other half realising it is useless, renders us powerless and disassembling it.

  3. Laszlo says:

    I like the poem, but as I was reading it had a passing thought: why is there always the need in the same text to mention both that there’s no god and that humans are free? That combination is prominent in Existentialism, and maybe the first idea entails the second. Nevertheless, why mention it?

    This isn’t a criticism of the poem. I suppose it just brought to mind how my own doubts about the existence of God tended to lead to thoughts about determinism and the limitations of human existence, rather than to a celebration of the wonderful potential humanity. For me, acknowledgeding those limitations is as exciting and liberating as I imagine it was to Sartre to write that rejecting god is to acknowledge that human beings have largely self-imposed limitations. I suppose the difference in our reasoning is more in our psychology than it is in anything deep we realize about the world…not that my writing holds a candle to Sartre.

    Still, I think it’s interesting how most atheistic writing ends up focusing on the resulting greatness of human beings. Thanks for your thought-provoking poem.

  4. Adrian says:

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