A Letter To Kurt Cobain

April 5, 2010 | By | 2 Comments


I will never forget the first time I heard your music. It immediately resonated with something deep inside me – I can’t quite describe the feeling. It was like hearing something I was made to hear, something that I had never heard before. That was 15 years ago, and your music still inspires and challenges me like no other art I have ever encountered. Your passion, sadness, authenticity, and honestly stand out as something real, true, and deep against the backdrop of a fake, branded, and sold-out world. There are few things that strike a chord in my soul as deep as your music, especially your scream. I have never really gotten over your death. It’s all so sad and so tragic. Thank you for what you gave to me; thank you for what you gave to the world. I feel so sorry for you. I wish so badly that you could have found happiness. I pray for you sometimes. With peace, love and empathy,

– Philosophy Muse, written on the anniversary of Kurt’s death

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  1. kevin gill says:

    Wow that must of took alot to put yourself out there like that I mean i hope it helped getting your feelings out expressing how you feel about Kurt and Nirvana it was definitely sincere and genuine and we know Kurt was all about being who you are and meaning it I really liked your letter and what a nice thing to do for someone who had such a tragic ending.

  2. Christine says:

    That was a beautiful letter to Kurt Cobain 💜 I can relate with everything you said to him. Kurt gave so much to us, he doesn’t even know .. I miss him very much too .. Nirvana changed my life forever 💜 Thanks for sharing !

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